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I just started going through some images that I had taken over the past couple of months. I have been home with a nasty flu and miss going on daily strolls with my husband Collin. I miss exploring and as I have so recently moved to Europe (omg I LIVE in EUROPE! Still can’t hardly believe it) everything is so new and exciting. I can spend hours staring out of the window on our road trips. If Collin stopped every time that I said “look hunnie” or “what the heck is that” we would never get anywhere.

I have also started uploading a few images that I especially like to a website that you can find here
netherlands photos
And here are some of my favorites that came from my camera….


The streets in the neighborhoods are brick over sand. I watched the guys laying these bricks one-by-one

all by hand. Truly back breaking work and much faster than I originally expected. I love that there is no

asphalt here except on the main city streets. It adds to the character of the city as well as keeping things

traditional. I find that the Dutch are quite practical. The old bricks are removed, new sand is added to raise

the street level, and most of the original bricks are relaid.


This farmhouse is across the lake near home. We live on the edge of the city where forest cows, sheep,

horses, swans, and other farm animals roam freely and intermingles. There are no fences to speak of.

The natural waterways separate pastures from roads.


This is Klootwijk Bakkerij- Fresh baked bread is the norm here- I’ve seen lines going out the door and

onto the sidewalk at these places. The aromas are fantastic. We love to have a kaas broodje on our

morning strolls-nothing like fresh baked bread with molten cheese in the center mmmm…..