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I guess I should wipe the dust and cobwebs off this here blog of mine. I’ve been neglecting it of late. I’m feeling kind of guilty because I had every intention of posting something at least once a week and I have not kept up with it. Shame on me. So here I go…..

We had a long, albeit late summer here in Grays Harbor. Virtually no rain for about 3 months. The girls and I took advantage of the sunshine and warm weather and spent quite a few Saturdays at the Elma Ponds, soaking it all up.

Now that the rain has returned, I finally settled in to look at the over 1000 pictures that Ariana and I have taken over the past month or so. She loves taking pictures almost as much as I and with a promise to her that I would incorporate some of her shots here, she set to snapping pics at every chance she got. Here are a few which were taken at the ponds with Ariana behind the camera, and a couple from around Aberdeen that I took.